Pain-points Back

Back problems and especially lower-back pain is the number one diagnosed complaint in our practice. Everyone has suffered from this to a greater or lesser extent. Experience shows that most back problems do not occur in the back, but that this is a result of a problem elsewhere in the body. Of course a correct working posture and a good back support are necessary to prevent back problems. But if back problems persist, it is very useful to make an appointment at our practice. Complaints that keep returning, have their cause somewhere else! The back complaints that we see most are: non-specific back complaints (cause is unknown), lumbago, hernia. Also pain radiating into the legs, loss of strength of legs and / or feet and painful or tired legs can also have their cause in the lower back.

Pelvic pain and pain in the area of the sacrum and base of the spine occurs regularly in women who are expecting. Osteopathy can be very helpful in this, whereby we approach the complaints with care for both the mother and the unborn child. The middle part of the back where the 12 ribs are attached can also cause complaints. A number of complaints that occur specifically in this region are: rib pain, a blocked rib or a vertebral block (blocking in this case is an immobile rib or vertebra). In addition to chest pain or pain in the spine area between the shoulder blades, this can lead to impeded breathing with chest tightness or hyperventilation as a result. The osteopath checks whether there are blockages in this region and can restore them with a manipulation. But he will also always check the rest of the body, because mobility of all structures in the body is necessary to achieve a full recovery.