A new website with new possibilities!

Our new website now has a blog. In this blog we want to inform readers about osteopathy in general, the treatment of interesting cases, refresher courses and further studies of Gabe and Sander, but most of all we want to show how we look at health and how we can promote good health. A piece of our own original thinking regarding our approach to people and their complaints! For some time a small case appears on a monthly basis in the local newspaper of Geldrop. Below is an example of such a case. In the future such information will be added on a regular basis and hopefully you will find it interesting and relevant. Osteopathy Eindhoven, Gabe and Sander.

We regularly see in our practice children between the ages of 2 and 6 who have a specific complaint: middle ear infection. Most of them have already seen a GP and been prescribed antibiotics, and also taken Paracetamol to reduce any fever and/or pain. Unfortunately, in many cases antibiotics are not the solution and complaints often return.

Sciatica is something you often hear about or have experienced yourself. It owes its name to a nerve called the Ischiadicus. This nerve runs from the seat over the back of the leg to below the foot. Pain in this area indicates that the nerve is irritated and can become troublesome. We see patients with the above complaints regularly. This is also the case with Mrs de Boer, the administrative assistant. She had followed the entire regular trajectory (GP, pain relief, X-rays, physiotherapy, MRI scan) without any change in her complaints.