Pain-region overview


Complaints occurring in the head region are: headaches, migraine, dizziness, burn-out and stress.

Neck / Shoulder

Complaints occurring in this region are: neck pain, a stiff neck, arthritis, shoulder pain, tendonitis (bursitis) and a reduction in arm movement.


Many complaints are related to: bowel problems, a feeling of being bloated and menstruation problems. But also symptoms such as unexplained stomach ache and irritable bowel syndrome.

The back

The most frequently experienced back complaints are: non-specific back complaints (unidentified), lumbago, hernia. Pain radiating into the legs, reduction of strength in the legs/feet and painful or tired leg scan all have their origin in the lower back.

Elbow and wrist

Trauma experienced in this region include a fracture, sprain and overextension of the elbow joint. Think also Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and arthritis of the various joints in the hand and fingers.

Hip / Knee / Foot

Complaints in these regions are frequently sport related: a footballer who goes over on his ankle or a marathon runner who has hip problems for example. Wear and tear in these regions frequently occurs in older people.

If you experience a problem in any of the above regions but your complaint is not mentioned, please get in touch with us so that we can discuss it with you. Our practice offers the possibility for a 15 minute  consultation in which we can judge whether or not we can assist with your complaint. This consultation is free.


Our practice is specialised in treating babies because it is equally troublesome to parents as well as their child when a baby is experiencing pain or discomfort, especially for reasons that are unapparent. A frequent complaint is excessive and inconsolable crying. It is important to find out the cause for such crying. Are there intestinal cramps, is there overstimulation or is the baby experiencing an acidic stomach? Also reflux, regurgitation of food, can lead to excessive crying due to overstimulation of the esophagus. Not alone the wrong kind of food but also  a stomach disorder or a trapped nerve can be the reason leading to reflux. By means of gentle manual treatment we can resolve such complaints with your child. Nutritional advice is also included in the consultation in order to assure a quick recovery for your baby.

“It is a duty to maintain our body in good health, otherwise we will not be able to keep our spirit strong and clear”

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