During an osteopathic investigation it became clear that there was no movement in the sigmoid (the last part of the large intestine). The sigmoid is surrounded by a peritonium that is attached to the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra and the SI joint. The peritoneum must be free to move in the abdomen because it must adjust according to t he movements of the large intestine. But if the large intestine is overstressed due to a poor diet or poor circulation, mobility is restricted and tension occurs in the peritonium. And this was precisely why the rectum of Mrs deBoer exerted a constant pull on the lowermost part of her spinal column and the SI joint. This increased tension resulted in her back trouble.

An osteopath looks at movement!
The human body not only moves with muscles and joints, but everything in our bodies moves. Our heart beats, lungs expand and contract. And the stomach/intestinal system, which ensures that our food is digested, also has a certain way of moving. In other words, movement brings health! Sciatica often occurs through loss in movement of organs. In the above mentioned example the loss of movement of the peritonium is the cause of the back problems. Intestines are connected to the back by membranes. And when the movement of intestines is restricted, tension is felt in the back whereby the blood flow is restricted causing blockages, pain and even wear in the longer term.

An osteopath is trained to judge the movement in muscles, joints and organs and can restore their movement to healthy levels. Movement in the intestine means bloodflow is taking place and that the Ischiadicus  nerve can restore itself. This was the case with Mrs de Boer and after 4 treatments she was free of her complaint.

In most cases we know within 1 or 2 treatments whether or not the therapy is working and between 3 and 5 treatments are required. Our goal is to enable the body to function autonomously and not make it dependent upon therapy.

The osteopaths, Gabe Sanders and Sander Tops have more than 15 years experience and have their practices in Eindhoven and Geldrop.

Osteopathy treatment is covered in all comprehensive policies of health insurers and this has NO consequences for  the excess (no risk) that may apply. Our practice is affiliated to the Netherlands Register for Osteopathy (NRO) and the Netherlands Association for Osteopathy (NVO).

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