Examination and Treatment

During the first consultation a comprehensive discussion takes place to map the health problems and their possible causes. Illnesses, operations and traumas that have occurred can be important here.

This is followed by a physical examination whereby the osteopath looks for any loss in movement of the various tissues in the body. If the tissue is not  mobile, fluids are not free to flow as they should, whereby not all parts of the body are fed properly and waste products are not carried away properly. This leads to problems.

The treatment comprises gentle manipulations using the hands that free the tissues with restricted movement. The goal is to improve the body’s vitality whereby the body can then restore itself.

An osteopathic treatment is an holistic approach based on a person having a body, soul and spirit with the goal of stimulating the self-healing power within every person.

Through this approach to the restoration of the dynamics of tissue, fluid and energy flows, you can experience changes not just on a physical level, but also on a mental level. A mechanical approach is not always the only way to handle your complaint.